Friday, 13 November 2015

Tuna stuffed eggs easy recipe


1. Halve the hard-boiled eggs length ways and scoop out the yolks with a teaspoon.

2. Sieve or mash the tuna fish and add it to the mayonnaise with the hard-boiled egg yolks, mixing well. Add Seasonin, with lemon juice to taste.

3. To serve, fill the cavities of the hard-boiled eggs by piping or spooning in the mayonnaise mixture.

4. Arrange radicchio or endive on individual plates, then place the stuffed eggs on top. Garnish with slivers of black olive.

6 hard- boiled eggs, shelled
50g(2 oz) canned tuna fish in oil, drained
100ml(4fl oz) mayonnaise
salt and pepper
squeeze of lemon juice
shredded radicchio or curly endive, to serve
black olives, stoned, to garnish

Prep Time:     35 minutes 
No of Serves: 3 Members
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