Thursday, May 17, 2007

Festival Food: Ugadi Chutney

Ugadi is the Telugu New year festival which is annually celebrated by telugu people. Ugadi means beginning of the universe. Different tastes in Ugadi chutney reflect the many flavors of life. Ugadi chutney is the rare recipe in the world with so many different tastes.

Ugadi pachadi is a Prasad (religious food offered to GOD), which is eaten as the first thing in the morning on the Ugadi day (Telugu New Year).


1. Neem flowers: 2 table spoons
2. Grated jiggery: 4 table spoons
3. Tamarind: 3 table spoons
4. Pinch of red chilli powder,
5. Mustard seeds: 1/4th table spoon
6. Salt as per taste
7. Oil: 1 table spoon
8. Raw Mango (Finely chopped): 1 table spoon
9. Water: 1-1/4 cup.

Method of preparation:

1. Soak tamarind in water for ½ an hour. Boil this Tamarind water for 5 minutes. Cool this and blend it in mixer till it becomes smooth.

2. Pass this tamarind water through a sieve, removing any fibers etc.

3. Add mango pieces to the juice. Boil the juice till the mango pieces in it are tender.

4. Add jiggery to the juice. Let it cook till it melts.

5. Remove them from fire and keep the contents aside.

6. Heat oil and add mustard seeds o the oil. When it splutters, add Neem flower and fry till light brown color appears.

7. Add chilli powder and salt to the (6). Mix all the contents.


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