Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweet Recipe: Boondi Laddu

Boondi Laddu is a sweet delicious recipe most commonly served during festivals in Andhra Pradesh.


Gram flour 2 cups
Sugar 2 cups
Baking soda- 1/2 tsp.
Cashew nut- 50 grams
Raisins 50 gms.
Cardamom- 15 nos.
Saffron a few drops
Ghee - ½ kg.

Method of preparation:

1. Shell and powder cardamom.
2. Add ¼ cup water to sugar, heat until sugar melts. To check if the sugar solution is ready, take a drop of the solution and drop it in water-if it remains intact and does not dissolve right away in water, the sugar solution is ready. Add saffron and cardamom powder to it.
3. Add soda and water to gram flour, and make a paste, without lumps.
4. Heat ½ kg of ghee. Put gram flour in Boondi maker and fry Boondi. Remove when light yellow.
5. Fry cashew and raisins. Add Boondi, cashew and raisins to sugar solution and mix. Cool.
6. Rub some ghee on your palms. Make laddus by squeezing the Boondi in your hands.


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