Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Festival Food: Vinayaka Chavithi Payasam


Milk: 1 liter
Rice flour: 150 gram
Sugar: 200 gram
Coconut: 1/2 portion of the full sized coconut
Elaichi: 5 gram
Cashew nut: 25 gram
Kismis (dried grapes):25 gram
Add almonds for additional taste.

Method of preparation:

1. First of all keep the rice flour in a hollow dish (banali) and heat it very lightly and take it out from the stove and allow the flour to cool. Then add one cup of hot water and mix them to form a round paste.

2. Now take a tube(janticala gottam)and keep in it a round measure(achu) having number of tiny holes and press the round paste through the holes of the measure on to the idly plates and now long thread –like ‘’semyas’’ are formed and which are steamed for 10 minutes.

3.Now boil the milk for a certain time and now put those steam boiled semyas in to the boiled milk, and heat the milk until it becomes concentrated.

4. Then sugar, mashed coconut, elaichi powder, cashew nuts and also kismis (dry grapes), and take out the vessel containing the milk with semyas from the stove.

4. Now serve the Payasam to your family members on the day of Vinayaka Chavithi festival.


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