Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Carrot Recipes: Carrot Milk Halwa


Carrot core—250 gram
Coconut core—250 gram
Gaggery—250 gram
Putnala dal—100 gram
Ghee—1 cup,
Cardamom- few pieces
Milk—1 cup.

Method of Preparation:

1. First of all take carrot, coconut and putnala dal powder and slightly fry them in ghee.

2. Mix the gaggery in the milk.

3. Now mix them (1and 2) and keep all the contents on a stove and the flame should be in low intensity.

4. Now heat the contents until vapors come from the dish and at the same time the mixture begins to separate into small parts, and this time add cardamom powder to the mixture pieces.

Now the carrot Halwa is ready.

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