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Tea recipes- 9 varieties of Tea

All over the world, 10,000 varieties of tea leaves are available which are broadly divided into 3 groups. They are green, Orthodox and CTC (Crush Tear Curl) which are produced in China, Sri lanka, Africa and India.
According to survey, people prefer to the smell of tea rather than its taste, for relief of tiredness felt by the individual.

Types of Tea:

1. Green tea: Take a glass of water in a vessel and heat it on a stove. Add to this water, 1½ teaspoons of green tea, and cover the vessel with a lid and boil it for five minutes. Then filter this decoction and add sugar and milk to the required level and stir it. Sip the green tea.
If you wish to have tea without milk, add a little amount of hot water to the filtered decoction to make it light (not strong tea).

2. Chocolate tea: Tea powder having chocolate taste is available in the market. (It is prepared by adding coco powder or concerned essences to the ordinary tea powder). Just like routine tea preparation, using chocolate tea powder, decoction is prepared and filtered, and to it adds sugar and milk. Serve the chocolate tea to the guests.

3. Jasmine tea: This tea is very light and gives the feeling of smell of jasmine. Readymade jasmine tea powder is available in the market. To prepare this variety, ‘Tea pot’ is necessary. Put ½ tea spoons jasmine tea powders in this pot and then add one glass hot water and cover it with lid. After two minutes, directly filter this decoction into cups. Add sugar to this and have it. It is better not to add milk to jasmine tea (If anybody wishes to add milk, make that decoction to be strong).

4. Rose tea: Readymade rose tea powder is also available. Take one cup of milk and one cup of water and pour them into a vessel and heat it. Then add one tea spoon rose powder and boil for two minutes. To this filtered decoction add sufficient sugar before giving to the guests.

5.Pahadi chaay (tea ):It is also known as “Noon Chaay (tea), usually prepared by the people living in mountain areas , (especially in Himachalpradesh , a state in India).It is prepared by adding cooking soda, a little salt and sufficient milk to the green tea decoction and boil them. After boiling, filter it and pour it into cups. Add to this milk cream and chopped badam pistha. The real tasteful Pahadi tea is ready.

6. Lemon tea: Take a cleaned small vessel and pour into it four cups of water and boil it. Put four spoons of tea leaves into this water. After some time, the water rises upwards, then add little amount of sugar to it (add more sugar if you wish).Take it out from the stove and filter the decoction which is poured into the cups. Put into the cup one half cut portion of the lemon. Now lemon tea is ready. In the beginning, the first sip of the lemon tea is not so enjoyable but later on it gives special taste to the routine tea and moreover it is very easy to prepare lemon tea.

7. Masala tea: Take one small piece of ginger and crush it to make into paste. Now take cardamom powder, ginger paste four pudeena leaves, 50 grams of tea powder, and very little amount of salt and mix all of them to make into a mixture. Take ½ liter milk and ½ liter water in a vessel and oil them on a stove. Then add to this milk, the above prepared tea mixture. Boil all the contents till the mixture rises upwards and then filter the decoction. Now the hot- hot masala tea is ready.

8. Kashmiree Kehawa: Take one litre of water and 25 grams of green tea ad boil both for 5 minutes. After this water rises up wards, and then filter it. And this filtered decoction containing vessel be kept on the stove but take care the burning flame be very less intensive (not giving much heat).

Add to this decoction ½ gram saffron flower, two cardamom s,1/2 spoon powder of dalchina chekka, and 25 grams of pistha badam and stir all the contents and allow the contents to boil for a while. Then pour this boiled tea into the cups and offer it to the guests.

Kashmiris in India pour this tea in a vessel called ‘Samovar’ which does not allow the tea to become cool and keep it hot for a long time.

9. Irani Dham Tea:

1. Take 50 grams of tea dust, 50 grams of tea leaves and 2 tea spoons of glucose biscuits powder and make them three into a mixture.

2. Take a long copper vessel; it is better if it contains a lid. Pour one liter of water into this vessel and keep it on a stove.

3. Take a thin cloth and keep the tea mixture (1) in this cloth and tie this cloth tightly and allow this tied part containing tea mixture to slip into the water in the vessel and the other part of the cloth be fixed to the top of the vessel and tie the lid tightly having apart of the cloth with the lid. Allow the water to boil and the vapor produced makes the contents in the mixture to melt and the juice dribbles into the water drop by drop. Allow it for ½ an hour and decoction is formed in the vessel.

4. Now take1 ½ liters of milk and 300 grams of sugar. Boil them on a flame with a very low intensity. Milk

Tea tips:

1. Once the tea is prepared, it is not good to boil it again and again. If you wish to have warm, then heat it on a steam and it is known as double boiling.

2. Never use boiled and cooled water to make tea, which does not give normal taste.

3. Indians prefer to take tea by mixing it with milk. In other countries, they like to add milk cream to the decoction.


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