Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Recipe: Carrot poli

Carrot recipes are good for health conscious people.


Grated carrot: 4 cups,
Maida: 3 cups,
Sugar: 2 cups,
Ghee: 4 table spoons,
Saffron: 1/2 teaspoon,
Cardamom powder: 1/2 teaspoon,
Salt: a pinch.

Method of preparation:

1. Cook the carrot with two cups of water, till all the water dries up. When cool, grind into a puree in a blender, without adding any water.

2. Add sugar and cook in a pan, till the mixture becomes dry.

3. Add two tablespoons of ghee, the saffron and the cardamom to (2).

4. Cook till the mixture (3), becomes thick.

5. Remove and keep aside it (4) to cool and harden.

6. Mix the maida the remaining two tablespoons of ghee and salt into firm dough.

7. Take a small ball (of 6), and with a greased palm, spread it thinly on a greased plastic sheet.

8. Place ½ teaspoon of filling (carrot-5) in the centre of plastic sheet.

9. Cover with the dough and pat again into a round circle.

10. Shallow fry till golden on both sides with a little ghee. Serve hot.

This amount makes 40 small carrot polis.


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