Monday, August 27, 2007

Diabetic Recipes: Ragi Malt

Ragi Malt is the most common recommended diet for Diabetic patients by physicians.


Ragi flour: ¼ kilogram,
Rice: 1 cup,
Water: Sufficiently,
Salt: to taste.

Method of preparation:

1. Take a vessel and pour into it little more than the usual double the amount of water (that usually required to cook the rice) and boil the water.

2. Let the rice be boiled for three fourths quantity and take out the vessel from the stove and stir the boiled rice smoothly with spoon.

3. Again keep the vessel (2), on the stove and pour the Ragi powder slowly and stir the contents in the vessel slowly, (while pouring the Ragi powder).

4. Add sufficient salt to taste and again stir the contents well and boil the contents in the vessel for some more time.

5. Allow the contents in the vessel to boil sufficiently until they become paste like or you feel that the contents are boiled sufficiently and you can make the Ragi lumps (morsels) with the contents well.

6. Then take out the vessel from the stove and allow it to cool only to some extent.

7. Make the Ragi mass (while it is still hot) in the vessel into medium –sized lumps.

Most of the people like the Ragi food lumps to take them along with the chicken or other curries.
Serve the Ragi lumps while they are still in little hot condition.

Ragi food contains more calcium and the glucose present in it is slowly digested and also slowly absorbed into the blood and thereby the blood glucose level doesn’t rise fast (but in the case of wheat, rice or banana, etc; the glucose in them rises too fast), so Ragi food is good, especially for the diabetic patients and also for the weak persons and growing children.


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Thanks a ton for writing this up for us. It is a simple write up but is very good. I was looking for the right recipe to make Ragi SangaTi (That's what we call it in Rayalaseema). Thanks again.


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