Saturday, September 1, 2007

Best foods for healthy Brain

Mind is the most active and sensitive part in our body. It is the seat of thoughts and thus responsible for consequent actions. So to keep it healthy and active, it should be nourished properly with energetic food.

Good diet for best Brain function:

1. Cabbage: It contains “Coline”, an active ingredient which promotes the power of remembrance. It should be taken at least two times in a week.

2. Milk and milk-products: The element ‘chromium’ present in it controls the blood sugar levels well and the “calcium” is good for bones to keep them strong. Milk is called “the complete diet” and keeps the body in robust health and strength. It keeps the mind in jolly mood.

3. Eggs: They contain “Tryptophan” which increases the production of more “serotonin” in the brain which is responsible for the production of happiness in the human beings.

4. Fish: Contains more quantity of “Omega 3-fatty acids” which increases the more growth of brain cells, and they in turn make the brain to work more actively.

5. Honey: It decreases the anxiety and tension. Daily take one glass of warmed milk containing 1 teaspoon of honey mixed in it, as both together produces sound sleep.

6. Soya and its products: Soya milk contains good quality proteins which are not only good for the growth of the body but also to the more activation of the brain.

7. Pumpkin: Those who are vegetarians, pumpkins are good food. The seeds of pumpkin contain Omega-3 fatty acids (just like in the fish).

8. Tomato: It is a good anti-depressant and keeps the mind away from the stress. So we feel happy and enthusiastic.

9. Curd: It contains “tyrosine”, an amino acid which decreases the stress and strain in our body and mind and thereby decreases the depression. Automatically we get happiness and enthusiasm (jolly mood).

The golden word is: “Health mind in a healthy body and vice versa”.


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