Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweet Recipes: Bengal gram Halwa


1. Bengal gram powder-1glass
2. Sugar- 1 ¼ glass
3. Cashew nut pieces-1/8 glass
4. Ghee- ¼ glass.

Method of Preparation:

1. Keep the Bengal gram powder in a plate (earthen type), lightly heat it until it becomes brown in colour and take it out from the stove and then sieve it.

2. Take the entire sugar in a bronze vessel and add to it ¾ glass of water and keep the vessel on the stove and boil the contents for some time and once they got boiled, pour in it Bengal gram powder and then stir the contents well, then pour little amounts of ghee slowly. Then you see the bottom of the bronze vessel, and then pour the cashew nut pieces (already boiled in the ghee) uniformly and take out the bronze vessel from the stove.

3. Take another plate and pour little ghee in that plate and just spread it to form a thin layer in the plate and then pour the halwa mixture uniformly in that plate.

First of all, the halwa appears as a thin layer, and after cooling, it becomes a round mass.
If there is more jelly (pakam), the halva becomes dry and forms like Mysore paak, hence take utmost precautions while preparing the Halva and see the ingredients should be in correct proportions.


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