Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cake Recipes: Tri- colored Cake

Tri Colored cake is the Independence Day special from Andhra Recipes.


Fresh butter: 200 grams
Sugar: 200 grams
Maida: 200 grams
Baking powder: 1.1/2 teaspoon
Milk: 1/2cup
Eggs: 3
Vanilla essence: 1 table spoon

Coconut very finely made pieces (almost like powder): 100 grams (for decoration, to spray on the preparation)

Green and Orange food colors: a little quantity.

Method of preparation:

1. Clean the maida with the help of sieve.

2. Take the fresh butter and put it in a dish and stir it until foam comes.

3. Now add sugar and eggs (of chicken) to the butter (2).

4. Then slowly pour the cleaned Maida (1) and do vigorous stirring while pouring the Maida, so that the contents have to be prevented from forming small solid masses and the entire mixture should be uniform.

5. Add milk (of good quality) and vanilla essence to the mixture (4).

6. Now take baking tray and spread butter on it uniformly and thickly.

7. Now pour (better slowly) the already prepared cake mixture (5), uniformly in the baking tray (6).

8. Now keep the cake mixture(7) on the oven and go on baking it at 180 degrees ,until the mixture becomes light gold color and then take it out from the oven.

9. In the mean time, make it into three equal parts, the already finely made (powder-like) coconut pieces, and add orange food color to one part and the green color to the third part and leave the middle part as it is, i.e.; in white color.

10. Now decorate the already taken out the cake mixture from the oven (7), with the tri-colored coconut powdered pieces (8) by spreading it on the cake mixture.

Now the tri-colored cake is ready for serving. It is the ideal choice for Indians to celebrate Independence day.

Source: Eenadu.


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