Thursday, October 8, 2009

South Indian recipe: Brinjal Vathal


1. Brinjal---1kg

2. Salt-------add to taste

Best time to have:


Best combination:

Curd rice, Sambhar rice

Preparation time:

Drying time ~3 days.

Preparation technique:

*** Picture displayed is display of contents before frying it**

1.Clean the brinjal and cut them into small square pieces

2.Boil the water,put the diced brinjal and add salt.

3.Cook it in such a way that the brinjals arent crushed.

4.Once brinjal turns tender, remove it from the flame.

5.Dry them in sunlight

6.Fry them in oil and serve hot.

Nutrition fact:

Brinjal is rich in iron.

Recipe maker: Suveetha (Bangalore)

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