Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy recipe: Sambar Powder


1 Turmeric----------1/4kg

2 Coriander seeds---1kg

3 Red chilies----------3/4kg

4 Cumin seeds---------------1/4kg

5 Mustard--------------200gm

6 Fenugreek seeds------200gm

7 Split black gram----- 100gm

8 Toor dal-------------200gm

9 Whole black pepper--200gm

10 Rice-----------------------200gm

Preparation time:

Drying time: 1 day

Powdering time-1hour

Preparation Technique:

1 Dry roast all ingredients one by one separately in low flame. (Be careful, do not deep fry).

2 Grind all the roasted ingredients together and make it to a fine powder.

3 Store well in air tight container. It stays and serves fresh for six to eight months (for a family of four members)

Note: This powder can be used for Sambar and also other gravy recipes.

Author: Suveetha (Bangalore)

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