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Chutney Recipes: Brinjal Chutney

Brinjal chutney recipe is the common recipe in the rural households of Andhra Pradesh. After brinjal curry, it is the second most popular brinjal recipe.

Ingredients: 1. Big size brinjal = 1 (400 grams in weight)
2. Cucumber (Dosa kaya) = 1 cup (into small pieces).
3. Tamarind juice =2 spoons.
4. Oil (ground nut or sunflower) =3 spoons.
5. Salt = Sufficient for taste sake.
6. for spicing:
A. Black gram (Udat dal) in small quantity,
B. Mustard seeds=2Spoons,
C. Mentis =1/4 spoon.
D. Red chilly (dried) =6-8 pieces
E. Green chilly (mirchi) = 2-3 pieces
F. Coriander leaves = 1/2 cup (made into fine pieces).
G. Curry leaf =small amount.
H. Cumin seeds powder==1spoon.

Method of preparation:

1. First of all clean the brinjal with water and smear it with oil.

2. Make small niches (small cuts) with knife on it (1).

3. Burn that brinjal (2) directly on the burning fire of the stove, until the skin of the brinjal becomes black and the part underneath the skin also completely burnt and becomes soft.

4. Now take out the brinjal from the stove (3) and allow it to cool and remove the skin of the brinjal. After wards, make (press) that inner pulp (of the brinjal) to become smoother with the help of a fork.

5. Now take another pan and pour oil on it and heat the pan, so that the oil also becomes hot and then add black gram to the oil and heat the pan until the black gram turns to gold color.

6. And then add mustard seeds and mentis to (5) and remove the burning fire (stove).

7.Then add the dried red chilly to it (6) and a cracking sound is produced due to the red chilly, after that add curry leaf, green chili and cumin seeds and let all these spicy items be cooled themselves.

8. After these spicy items become cooled, add to this mixture (7), tamarind pulp and grind all the contents (6&7).

9. Add sufficient salt (for taste) to this (8) and again grind all this mixture (8) until it becomes very soft.

10. Add this soft mixture (9) to the already prepared brinjal pulp (4).

11. Remove all the water content, either by pressing or squeezing the (10) and add cucumber core (small pieces in the cup) to it and mix them (10) well with the help of a spoon.

12. Serve this chutney (11) along with hot ghee and you find it very tasteful.


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