Sunday, March 23, 2008

Indian Recipe: Bajra Roti

Bajra recipes are nutritious vegetarian foods. Bajra recipes are most popular foods in the arid areas of India like Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.


Image Courtesy: Tanveer.

1. 2 cups Bajra Millet flour
2. 2 tblsp wheat flour
3. 2 tblsp oil
4. ½ cup fenugreek leaves
5. 1 tblsp ginger-chilli-garlic paste
6. Salt to taste.
7. Curds.

Method of Preparation:

1. Mix both flours with curds and 2 tblsp oil, fenugreek leaves, chillies and salt.
2. Knead well and make the dough into small balls.
3. Flatten and roll out into chapatis.
4. Roast them till they are light brown on both sides.
5. Apply little cooking oil and serve hot.


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